Strategic Planning & Budgeting

Businesses have aggressive delivery times set to complete their planning and budgeting process – whether it be for a one off venture or for the quarterly or annual budget cycle.  Due to resource / staff constraints sometimes deadlines have to be deferred, AABS can help you meet your strategic planning and budgeting delivery requirements.

Key benefits to your business

  • Completion of strategic planning and budgeting in line with your expected completion time
  • Your internal planning and finance resources do not have to be overly stressed to meet multiple competing delivery timelines
  • A fresh perspective is given to your Strategic Planning & Budgeting issues.  AABS may be able to show new or different approaches to executing the planning and budgeting process

Strategic Planning & Budgeting service offerings

  1. Design, development and implementation of budgetary planning, measurement & control systems. for revenue, operating expenditure and capital expenditure programmes.  Includes preparing:
    1. The budgetary planning templates to give guidance to your responsibility centre teams on the budget preparation process
    2. Collation templates your departments and teams need to present their budget submissions.
    3. Automated summarisation file for the respective team’s reported figures
    4. Trending and summarisation charts / graphs
    5. Budget mapping and upload to the general ledger to facilitate reporting
  2. Preparation of business plans and financial forecasts for new business launch – we have business plan templates for 300 + businesses which we can use to help you to quickly develop a business plan with financial forecasts unique to your business venture or project as required by your financiers