Welcome!  2023 Online & in-person live sessions

Attend our in-depth public seminars online per below.  Customised sessions can be delivered in-house for your team as well.  

Seminar                                                                                                                                   Date

Advanced  Excel: Automating Data & Reports                                9 & 10 February

Power BI: Secrets & Techniques                                                             13 & 15 February

Artificial Intelligence  in Excel: Practical Tips, Tools                                                                          & Techniques for Business Professionals                                                         13 March

Excel Secrets & Techniques in Mgt. Reporting                      15, 16 & 20 March

Please click here to visit the Events section to download a full details brochure & registration form for the above courses.

Short Focused CPD sessions

Looking for short online live CPD sessions for your team?  Get applied, customised Power BI, Excel & other MS Office training to help improve your team’s productivity.  

Contact us so we can discuss your requirements or send you a topics list for you to choose from and give you a quote.  (e-mail us at admin@aaa-bsol.com or call 868-788-7538)