About Us


AABS’s mission

Our mission is to Develop Outstanding Leaders.

Everyone is a leader in their own right.  We want to inspire and partner with You to help You to achieve more.

Our goal is to provide You with the best facilities, facilitators, business advisory services and work productivity solutions to help you get the Success You want and deserve.

AABS – Who are we?

Areef Ali

Areef Ali is the founder of AABS.  He has a B.Sc. in Management from the UWI,  an FCCA designation and a Heriot Watt MBA.  Areef has completed numerous management development and other programmes.

He is Microsoft certified in  Analyzing and Visualising Data with both Excel & Power BI.

He has over twenty two years work experience, including three and a half years at a Big 4 audit firm where he was a member of the Audit and Business Advisory Services Group.

Areef served as a finance professional at the Methanol complex.  In 2002 he was appointed the Chief Accountant and then Corporate Finance Head at a leading financial institution.

In June 2006 Areef found his passion (helping to develop others), he retired from his day job and founded AABS.  Activities to date include:

Consulting Projects

Areef has partnered with many organisations to complete projects in core business systems development, data cleansing & consolidation, business modelling, reporting automation, dashboard design, other business systems automation and business restructuring.

In-house training

  • MS Excel – basic, intermediate & advanced
  • Management report design and dashboard automation training
  • Business intelligence / big data analytics
  • The Key Secrets & Techniques to achieving Success

Seminar Hosting

We continue to host seminars with both local and world renowned experts.  Previously, we hosted experts in Banking, Marketing, Presentations, Negotiation, Fraud Prevention, Auditing and Microsoft Excel.

External expertise

In addition to Areef’s own expertise, AABS draws on the expertise of a pool of associates to assist organisations. These are professionals with 15–20 years experience in areas of competency ranging from MS office suite programs, internal auditing, strategic planning, HR & compensation management,  conflict / mediation management, staff recruitment and IT systems development.